– located just one hour outside of Cusco City

This “birthplace of the Rainbow,” as it was known by the Incas, has a very active community of women weavers. Textiles are done on back strap¬†looms with complementary technique designs. Also as it is known as the birth place of the Rainbow, it is also the first community to partner with CTTC.

In 2000, the weavers returned to traditional dying, abandoning commercial and synthetic dyes. The children of Chinchero also learn to weave in this community as well as learning english from our many volunteers. Learn more on our Volunteer with Us Page.

Currently, we are also in the process of constructing the “Casa Antigua” which will not only showcase many of our traditional textiles but also the tradition architecture of the Andeas!

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Projects in Chinchero:

– Continuing construction of the Chincherro Tienda and Casa Antigua

– English lessons for the weavers

– Assistance to local families and children in health and cultural development

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